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Deck Refinishing Contractors

Deck refinishing restores the appearance and strength of an old deck, giving it a longer lifespan by repairing existing damage and adding protection against further weathering. Depending on what your deck is made of, you might need to hire a deck refinishing contractor every two to three years. If you’re in the market for deck resurfacing, contact Deck Experts. We are a nationwide team of reliable decking experts and product manufacturers that provide the latest solutions for strong and stylish decks! 

Expert Deck Refinishing Contractors 

It’s possible to complete a deck refinishing project on your own, but you will get better results when you hire a professional deck contractor. At Deck Experts, we will consider the unique needs of your deck to determine what deck refinishing services are best for you. Not all projects are handled the same, but the process can include the following: 

  • Inspection: Any loose boards or structural problems such as rotted or split wood are identified.
  • Repair: If a deck repair is needed, then this must be completed before moving forward with deck resurfacing. 
  • Cleaning: The deck is pressure washed using a low setting for a deep clean without ruining the deck boards. 
  • Sanding: All old paint or varnish must be chemically stripped and sanded before applying a new surface to the deck. 
  • Staining: The deck stain of your choice is applied carefully to ensure full saturation and an even application. 

There’s another option that might serve your needs better: deck replacement using low-maintenance composite decking by TimberTech. Benefits include:

  • Natural Woodgrain Finishes 
  • Rich Color Saturation That Lasts
  • No More Annual Wood Deck Prep and Staining!
  • Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Connect with a Deck Refinishing Company Today 

In your search for a reliable deck refinishing company near you, contact Deck Experts today. You can give us a call to speak with one of our helpful customer service associates, or use our online form at your convenience. We will help you find an expert deck refinishing contractor in your area that can complete your project to your satisfaction, or if you prefer, help you upgrade to one of our high-performance composite decking systems. 

We provide a variety of decking and railing services, including comprehensive deck maintenance. Have a look around our website for additional information, or reach out to Deck Experts anytime. 

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