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Deck Care and Maintenance

Proper deck care and maintenance is important for ensuring that your deck looks its best and lasts for many years. However, the task can be a difficult undertaking, and one misstep can do more harm to your deck than good. 

If you’re searching for a local deck maintenance company that can handle the job for you safely and effectively, then contact Deck Experts. We are a nationwide team of high-quality decking experts, including deck maintenance professionals. We will help you find the best solution for your deck, so you can relax and know that your favorite outdoor space is in the right hands. 

Deck Care and Maintenance Made Easy

At Deck Experts, we provide comprehensive deck maintenance services to keep your deck looking its best for many years. This includes professional deck cleaning, as outlined below, as well as deck repair services and deck refinishing. 

Aside from more extensive projects, general deck care and maintenance includes the following: 

  • Gentle Cleaners: Not all deck cleaning products are the same, so it’s important to find a product that will get the job done without damaging your deck boards. We know how to test and apply the appropriate cleaners to ensure the best results. 
  • Appropriate Brushes: Using the right wood deck scrub brush is important to ensure that your deck comes clean without becoming damaged in the process. 
  • Safe Power Washing as Needed: Power washing can damage a deck when done improperly. For example, some decks should only be rinsed using a power washer. Our deck professionals know how to use the appropriate pressure, nozzles, and technique for safe pressure washing. 
  • Deck Rail Cleaning: Deck rails are cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge using a nonabrasive cleaner. 

Would you like to discover the low-maintenance benefits of TimberTech composite decking? Upgrading from a traditional wood deck to a composite deck makes deck care and maintenance a breeze. You will enjoy a mildew and stain-resistant deck that is easy to clean using the following products:

  • Quickie® Bulldozer Deck Scrub Brush or a Medium Stiffness Nylon Bristle Deck Brush
  • Wash Safe Spray and Clean Composite Deck Cleaner
  • Resist Mist Composite Deck Cleaner

Learn More About Our Deck Maintenance Services

Are you ready to connect with a professional deck contractor that can handle your deck care and maintenance needs? Contact Deck Experts today to find the right solution for you. Feel free to give us a call to speak with a friendly member of our customer service team, or use our online form, and we will connect you with a dealer in your area. 

Are you looking for something else? In addition to deck maintenance service, our contractors provide new deck builds, deck replacement, porches, railings, and more. Let us help you find the right deck contractor and products for your project! 

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