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While you may have deck railings installed on your outdoor living space, these features aren’t always helpful for preventing slips and falls. If you live in a cold or rainy area, it’s a good idea to install deck handrails too. Handrails are most helpful on stairs and ramps, where guests may slip on a wet or icy incline. But you can trim the entire deck, including walkways, with handrails if you like.

Deck Experts is here to help you find a local decking contractor who can provide deck handrail installation. We are a nationwide network of experts who focus on outdoor living spaces. You are bound to find contractors who can take care of your handrails and any related projects for your outdoor spaces through us.

Professional Deck Handrail Installers

When you turn to Deck Experts for new deck handrails, you’ll get professionals who know what they are doing. These vetted experts are trained and certified in the work they do. More than that, they are local contractors. The decking installation company we connect you with will be familiar with all the code requirements for your area. They should also be able to help you with permitting for a new deck and deck updates, if needed.

Installing ADA-Compliant Handrails

When you install deck handrails, consider ADA compliance to ensure your system is safe for everyone. An ADA-compliant handrail must meet minimum requirements. Your deck handrail contractors can help ensure your handrails are compliant. 

Members of our network install TimberTech deck products, including ADA-compliant handrails. These rails are constructed to meet all ADA code requirements, including cross-sections and gripping surfaces. Our deck handrail contractors will also ensure that your new rails are installed according to the ADA requirements for location, height, and other specifics.

Ask About Deck Accessories Today

Protecting your family and friends from accidents starts with installing a few deck accessories on your property. Deck Experts is here to help you find a local deck contractor who can install your deck handrails. 

Within our network, you’ll also find specialists who offer:

  • Deck Installation
  • Deck Materials
  • Deck Maintenance

For more about a free cost estimate on deck handrail installation, give us a call or fill out our online form today.

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